Lake Scugog Historical Society

Dedicated to the history of the Lake Scugog area 


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Pine Grove Cemetery Book

The long awaited book on Pine Grove Cemetery is finally ready for sale.  This illustrated guide book of Port Perry’s major cemetery contains details on more than eighty memorials in the cemetery.  Those who are remembered in Pine Grove have had an immense impact on society, not only locally but nationally and internationally.PineGrove200

The book is the work of local historian and President of Lake Scugog Historical Society, Paul Arculus.  It will be sold at meetings of the LSHS and at Books Galore on Perry Street, in Port Perry.  The cost is $10 and all proceeds go to the Lake Scugog Historical Society.

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Our “Scugog Experience” Booklet

Take a tour of the Scugog Countryside with Historical Anecdotes. The Lake Scugog Historical Society has published a booklet entitled “Scugog Experience.” This booklet will take you on a scenic tour of  the Scugog countryside. However, there is another journey to be taken here – a journey into Scugog’s past. The historical anecdotes provided in this booklet are intended to give you a brief glimpse of the time when the villages and hamlets of Scugog were first settled.

As you take your tour, pause for a while and picture what it was like those many years ago when life was at a much slower pace.  Estimated time of tour is about 2 hours and visits Caesarea, Nestleton, Cadmus, Blackstock, Prince Albert, Manchester, Utica, Epsom and Greenbank.

The booklet can be purchased at Books Galore in Port Perry for $2.00.