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Dedicated to the history of the Lake Scugog area 

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Pine Grove Cemetery Book

The long awaited book on Pine Grove Cemetery is finally ready for sale.  This illustrated guide book of Port Perry’s major cemetery contains details on more than eighty memorials in the cemetery.  Those who are remembered in Pine Grove have had an immense impact on society, not only locally but nationally and internationally.PineGrove200

The book is the work of local historian and President of Lake Scugog Historical Society, Paul Arculus.  It will be sold at meetings of the LSHS and at Books Galore on Perry Street, in Port Perry.  The cost is $10 and all proceeds go to the Lake Scugog Historical Society.

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“Steamboats on Scugog” by Paul Arculus, with illustrations by Les Parkes

A history of steamboating on the south central Kawarthas.


The booklet can be purchased at Books Galore in Port Perry for $30.00.

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“On the Shores of Scugog” by Samuel Farmer.  Revised, englarged and illustrated.

The Lake Scugog Historical Society is proud to sponsor the first paperback edition of On the Shores of Scugog.  It is hoped that future generations will cherish the many positive traditions established by our ancestors.  Originally published in 1913, Samuel Farmer’s lively and engaging book remains the community’s defining document of its recorded history.

Samuel Farmer came from England in 1886 and began his newspaper career at the Uxbridge Journal.  Journalism took him to Toronto where he worked on a popular weekly magazine; while there he met and married Emily Grace Abernathy.  In 1907 the Farmer family moved to Port Perry and purchased the Port Perry Star.  Samuel Farmer was the owner/publisher of the Port Perry Star from 1907 until his death in 1948.

This book can be purchased at Books Galore in Port Perry for $20.00.