Antiques and Collectibles Show – 2012

After a hiatus of several years, the Historical Society was proud to sponsor the return of the February Port Perry Antique and Nostalgia Show and Sale at the Community Centre. That the return was also welcomed by both the public and the antique dealer community was proven by the fact that every vendor booth was sold out, and the line-up of customers waiting to come inside on the morning of February 4th was overwhelming.

All told, over the two days, over 1,000 people came to see what was on offer The cloakroom was temporarily converted to a snack bar, manned by Society volunteers, and they did a brisk business. It turns out you cannot have enough Empire Biscuits in Port Perry!

Special thanks to to Marilyn Pearce who was the principle coordinator. Also to Board Members Daphne Naassana and Wendy Hatherley who helped to make this a successful undertaking. In fact, so successful, that we plan to do it again in 2013.